Sweatshop - Deadly Fashion

What happens when you send three young Norwegians abroad to meet the workers that sew our clothes?


THE JEANMAKER - Explicit Remake

Instant vintage kits, crunchy denim and a Peruvian vicuña all feature prominently in THE JEANMAKER, which follows a celebrated denim designer – the Howard Hughes of the denim industry – hell-bent on ‘out-Vintaging’ the competition. But as the collection launch nears, his unwillingness to compromise leads him to personal disaster.

THE JEANMAKER is the second film in Denham’s ‘Explicit Remake’ series in which the denim brand re-imagines cinematic classics transforming them into sharp contemporary parables.
“Working with Denham the last few years I’ve learned that jeanmaking is primarily about obsessing the details,” says director Hugo Keijzer, who conceived the Explicit Remake series and created THE JEANMAKER with production company Mike TeeVee and writer John Weich. “But just when you think you’ve got this perfect uncompromised product you get sidetracked by new ideas. This short film captures the moment when you lose control of your creation.”

“These short films are our slightly absurd way of exploring our inner denim demons,” adds Jason Denham, the brand’s founder and namesake. “It’s great to see the passion we put into our jeans return in the film.”

Remake written by John Weich
Directed by Hugo Keijzer
Produced by Ellen Utrecht
Cinematography by Robbie van Brussel
Production Design by Simon Bowles
Edited by Nils Rensen
Costume by Denham the Jeanmaker


Google Presents: Inside Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road makes it possible for anyone around the world to step inside the iconic Abbey Road Studios the spiritual home of British Music and follow in the footsteps of musical legends. Explore the rooms, discover stories, historic images and videos, and play with innovative Abbey Road equipment.


Pumphouse Point, Tasmania

Constructed more than 70 years ago to pump water for hydro-electricity, the iconic Pumphouse has been given new life as a boutique wilderness retreat inside Tasmania’s World Heritage Area. With the incredible Pumphouse building sitting 250m out from the shore and the stunningly refurbished Lakehouse among the trees on the lake’s edge, Pumphouse Point showcases the simple excellence of the art deco era and offers a spectacular connection to the lake, the mountains and the forests beyond.

Apple Watch — Guided Tour

An introduction to the unique technologies and interactions that make using Apple Watch a new, more personal experience.

See how to respond instantly to messages in a variety of fun ways, right from your wrist. 

Learn how to easily change and customize your watch face whenever you want. 

Digital Touch
Learn how to quickly connect with people you care about in new ways only Apple Watch makes possible. 


Please Stay Positive - Jeremy Flores

At only 18, Jeremy Flores was the youngest surfer to be on the WCT, the world's surfing elite. Surrounded by a team of professionals and an entire nation, Jeremy even won the most prestigious of competitions, at Pipeline Hawaii, in 2010. But the pressure, criticism, and his fiery temperament eroded little by little his hopes of becoming world champion.
At the end of his tether, on July 13, 2014 at JBay in South Africa, after losing a heat, Jeremy Flores immediately contested his score with the judges,
in what was deemed a verbal assault by the World Surfing League.
As a result of his actions, Flores received a one-month ban
from the competition for bringing the sport into disrepute. This film was shot during his hiatus in Tahiti.
Nowadays, Jeremy Flores has rediscovered what he loves doing most in the world - surfing. Sebastien Zanella, the editor of Desillusion magazine, followed the man during his forced holiday break, resulting in an outstanding documentary, from hell to heaven, an atmospheric peer-review where Jeremy tells his story, with no concessions.

Directed by Sebastien Zanella 
Filmed by Chris Bryan, Sebastien Zanella, Pierre David & Jeremy Graham 
Produced by Nicolas Dazet

Music: Helios – Halving the compass
Locrian & mamiffer – In fulminic blaze
Evan Caminiti – Absteigend 
Pajaro Sunrise – 086

In the Mood for Love

Two neighbors, a woman and a man, form a strong bond after both suspect extramarital activities of their spouses. However, they agree to keep their bond platonic so as not to commit similar wrongs.

Directed by Kar Wai Wong

cast with Tony Chiu Wai Leung, Maggie Cheung, Ping Lam Siu, Rebecca Pan.

Patrons - Spring Summer 2015 - Ad campaign

Patrons summer campaign directed by C+M, starring model Kevin Drelon.


Wearable music controller
Concept and design Ylenia Gortana
Music and performance Birdmask


What to Do in Lisbon, Portugal, 36 Hours Travel Videos, The New York Times

Throughout this hilly city on the Tejo River, structures and spaces are being stylishly reborn, harboring chic boutiques, galleries and new spots for eating and drinking.

Produced by: Fritzie Andrade