Whenever I get a new pair of shoes, I immediately break them in by stepping on the left shoe with my right foot, and the right shoe with my left foot. It's similar to getting a hair cut, and wanting to get over that odd, uncomfortable feeling.

 I wear them on rainy days, while washing the car, an in any situation in a carefree manner and even when they get dirty it's not a big deal to me. I'll brush the uppers from time to time or change up the laces, and before long the leather begins to soften, and naturally mold to my feet.

 The more you use something, the more you see it becoming a reflection of your own character, and you begin to feel an inexplicable fondness for the object. The fact you own something like this brings you happiness, and I am drawn to these kind of objects.

When I design products, I consider what is necessary to make something long-lasting, or what kind of things can be enjoyed for a long time. As I ponder those things I also think which materials, dyeing methods, and constructions will aid in that pursuit.

 For example, the color in denim will fade over time, but the way in which it fades is dependent upon the wearer's environment and the way the denim is worn. It's the same with vegetable-tanned leather. These materials are highly affected by climates, temperature, sunlight, and the wearer's environment, which is precisely why human character is reflected so well. That metamorphosis is beautiful.

Personally, I enjoy watching this change, and as a creator, it truly brings me joy. - Hiroki Nakamura


Made by Hand - Porsche 356

A documentary commissioned by Porsche in the 50s to show how the iconic model 356 was produced in Germany. The film follows the entire production line from the initial sheet metal to finished product, through the assembly of panels, painting, installation of motors and gearboxes, to the wheel alignment and final road tests. A retrospective look at the first time of one of the most famous brands of sports cars in history.


Jason Bourne - Official Trailer

He may now remember everything, but that doesn't mean he knows everything.

Soda Pop Capsule Collection for Smoke x Mirrors

Smoke x Mirrors has announced its first stand-alone capsule collection.
Featuring vibrant, colorful mixed material frames with symmetrical line-work and strong geometric forms and inspired by the flamboyance of disco era styling, where 50's futuristic themes and kitsch married the exotic and outlandish.


the sounds of ARMENIA


Jane Bordeaux - Ma’agalim

An amazing animated short directed by Uri Lotan. History, music and  sensitivity combined.

Marriage Market Takeover

Today, Chinese women face immense pressure to get married before they turn 27. In many Chinese cities, so called marriage markets are a common sight, where parents go to post and match personal ads. A number of brave Chinese women have finally stood up to speak their mind against society’s labels and their parents' pressures. A marriage market in Shanghai’s People’s park was taken over by personal messages from hundreds of independent women, stating that they want to control their own destiny.

Find out what these women courageously say to reconstruct the mutual respect between generations and increase society’s understanding to finally change their destiny in the film.

Game of Thrones Season 6, trailer 2